picture of Filip (by Amy Gibb) in studio Josephine with mess/instruments and orange ball of light. Same jumper as on first recordings collection a decade before.

This is my first time.
Any requests?

Collected Songs (2007 - 2016) by Filip Hnízdo

A compilation from ten years of song-form poetry & stories presented (in the unremastered original low fidelity) on a CD with notes and words. Collected from 11 records, unreleased tracks and live recordings. Delivered to you for free (sign up below, no it’s not a scam).

Will also include a download of everything else I've recorded and put out over all those years. That's all the original EPs the songs were collected from (I hope you like concept records), electronic instrumentals (including jingles and ringtones) plus other oddities like spoken word bits, sample collages and a sci-fi play narrated by seventeen people. All with artwork, lyrics, notes, humorous genre meta-tags and anything else mildly relevant squeezed in.

Sign up below and I'll send out the package as soon as it’s ready.